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Harp Lessons for Paraguayan and Celtic Harps: Introduction

Expertly graded lessons for Celtic and Paraguayan harps. Starting with elementary lessons logically taking the student through a carefully graded course of lessons to allow quick and efficient advancement. Using special exercises and originally composed music to encourage and build confidence. 



see finale installation notes

   Harp Lessons are continuously being upgraded and improved.   

It has been a dream of mine to put harp lessons with music and sound samples on the web for some time. This has recently become possible with the discovery of some music notation software from www.finalemusic.com  called FINALE NOTEPAD which shows sheet music on your computer and allows you to play it, and hear what it sounds like .

Browser snapshots of how the finale Notepad looks.

finale notepad demo

  Interactive Lessons  

The instructions are written on the page and when you press the play button a green cursor runs along the score; at the same time you can hear how it sounds. This allows the lessons to be interactive. 

  1. Key to Finale Buttons:
  2. Back:.. Go back one bar
  3. Stop:.. Stops playing
  4. Play:.. Commences playing at start
  5. Pause: Pauses at desired place
  6. FFW:.. Go forward one bar
  7. Do not use any other buttons besides these.
  8. If finale promps you to save any changes click NO.

finale notepad buttons

Of course they are not a complete substitute for having a real teacher on their own, but they are very useful for my students to practice at home and to help those who do not have access to a teacher or a good harp tutor book. I plan to make these lessons available as a series of books which I hope will also be a valuable help to harp teachers who would like to have a logically laid out series of lessons and technical tips to assist them in their work.

Extra instructions about playing the lesson and fingering and posture are also added to the page

There are a series of free elementary lessons on posture music reading and basic harp playing designed to quickly and easily allow the student to progress playing the harp .


Some students who have have come for harp tuition and  have consented to their pictures being shown here.

  harp lesson with student

 Hege learning the 36 Paraguayan harp  which she later purchased and had sent to Norway


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