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Paraguayan Harps ( Arpa Paraguaya ) made by Geoff Welham

Made by Geoff Welham in Australia. Made from best selected woods and finely crafted. They have excellent tone, are beautiful to behold and are decorated with original designs. Shipment and delivery available world wide. Standard or guitar type tuning pegs available.

36 string Paraguayan Harp 

paraguayan harp


This harp covers 5 octaves. The neck is made in two halves, with the strings passing between them. Thus there is no sideways pull by the strings, and the harp can be made light and strong. The brilliant rich sound of this harp combined with its deep resonant bass, will delight both listener and player. The scale is diatonic,&  the string spacing is narrow,  Guitarists will take easily to this harp with a natural progression from guitar playing technique. The lower tension permits a relaxed easy style of playing ranging from delicate, melodic and sensitive,  to rich and vibrant,  with fast tremolos and fluid arpeggios. A truly brilliant sound!   Weight is approx. 6kg 


  1. no of strings  36 nylon and nylon/nylon wrapped 
  2. string spacing narrow 11-14mm
  3. overall height  1410 mm
  4. weight approx  6Kg
  5. note range Bb1-Bb6
paraguayan harp


  1. Harps have 36 nylon strings narrow string spacing  11-14mm  
  2. Our Paraguayan harps have a laminated neck  and pillar for strength  and resistance to warping.
  3. They use the best quality Sitka spruce for the soundboard ensuring a beautiful  and rich sound quality.
  4. They are made  with high quality glue and materials 
  5. The back of the soundbox is made from a curved piece of 3mm thick tone wood  for enhanced resonance  
  6. The base is curved enhancing the visual beauty of the instrument.
  7. The neck and soundbox feature  original designs as per the above photos. 
  8. Harp legs are securely mounted  to withstand accidental knocks and  the weight of the instrument .
  9. note range Bb1-Bb6



paraguayan harp soundboard

The  Quality  spruce  soundboard
produces  a  beautiful  sound and
lovely resonance. On your request,
harp soundboard material can also
include Papua new Guinea rosewood
and King William pine from Tasmania.

The pillar is made from black bean
or brown hardwood

 New article   the Magic of the Paraguayan harp by Robert Hart

  Paraguayan harp neck detail 

paraguayan harp neck

Neck designs can be plain or decorated. This one features the green turtle and dolphin from the Australian barrier reef. 

Option of Guitar tuners or standard tuning pegs.


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